Benjamin J Bogard
Photo and Video based in NYC

Oh my brave little adventurer....


Trained animals are usually reserved for Sea World, zoos, and side shows at amusement parks. I was not anticipating a show upon landing on Santa Cruz Island, but the animals surprised me. A small dock in Puerto Ayora was home to a fish market frequented by wild sea lions and pelicans. These animal customers relied on a humorous symbiotic relationship for food to the enjoyment of locals and tourists alike. While our tour group was settling down in a nearby restaurant, the animal antics caught my attention and immediately turned my attention away from the restaurant fish lunch to the fish market.  I sprinted down to the water to watch Pavolv's research come to life.  The seals and pelicans would wait in a line with the human customers to be fed the skins and scraps from the day's catch.  When the fish count was getting low,  new tactics were employed including poking the fishers for their attention and pretending to be disinterested in the fish under the worker left the station.  Usually, the latter attempts did not result in a meal and the wait began for the evening catch to come ashore.

Canon t4i     50mm     f/5     1/400     ISO200


Canon t4i     30mm     f/4     1/400     ISO200