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Oh my brave little adventurer....


The city of Quito contains a complex mix of architecture with grand Catholic churches reminiscent of those in Spain, compact housing with a likeness to San Francisco, and small businesses embedded in every nook and cranny of the city. The movement of people around the architecture and their relationships to it caught my eye.  I have never experimented extensively with street photography until visiting Quito, which inspired me to attempt the difficult genre. However, most people don't appreciate a random person pointing a camera in their direction so I took a lesson from Vivian Maier. Using a Rolleflix camera held at the hip, Maier was able to push the boundaries of personal space by not altering the subject that they were being photographed. I did not have this luxury with a DSLR since shooting from the hip removes significant control over framing. But, it was worth a try. I had to become, through much trial and error, familiar with focal lengths and their relations with space, subject, and camera. Most photos were taken at 35mm, a common focal length for street photography. The two photos included in this post are two of my favorite photos from the second day in Quito. They were diamonds in the rough of my first street photography experiment that was chalk full of blurry, askew, and poorly focused hip shots.

(Above) Canon t4i     30mm     f/4     1/1250     ISO200

Canon t4i     35mm     f/4.5     1/800     ISO400