Benjamin J Bogard
Photo and Video based in NYC

Oh my brave little adventurer....


It was a day full of finals at the Walston-Hoover stadium. One of the most aggressive races was the men's 4x100m relay. Three anchors crossed the finish line with UW LaCrosse edging out the competition. To say he was excited to win is certainly an understatement. His scream of triumph after running across the finish line was one of my favorite photos of the entire three day event. Usually I shoot the finish line with a 70-200mm lens, standing on the edge of the tack some distance away. This time, I experimented with a 24-105mm and camped out right by the digital clock at the edge of the finish line. This low position and all-in-one zoom allowed me to zoom out with the subject and capture this incredible shot.

Canon 5D Mark III     80mm      f/4.5     1/3200     ISO500