Benjamin J Bogard
Photo and Video based in NYC

Oh my brave little adventurer....


Waverly at night certainly has made for some fruitful photographic adventures. While the telephone pole was creepy, I found a physical manifestation of terror in a spider's web on the bridge near my home.  It was a struggle battling the "get as close as you can" and "run for your life" feelings banging around in my head as I watched the spider work.  About as big as the pad of my thumb, the little horror methodically went from one quivering mayfly to the next, sucking out their juicy insides. I saw its mandibles digging around in the prey, and I stared into its beady black eyes with intrigue.  After I was sufficiently annoyed with the swarming mayflies, I left the web and had ghost itches all night.  Luckily, no spidery dreams awaited me. 

Canon t4i    135mm    f/8    1/30    Flash