Benjamin J Bogard
Photo and Video based in NYC

Oh my brave little adventurer....


Fireflies! With the humid weather and the river right by my house, the fireflies have been quite active.  I previously stopped along a bike trail to photography the fireflies with Nichole Lyons; however, this time I wanted to try it with the BULB feature on the camera.  How-to articles online suggested multiple exposures and compiling the images in Photoshop... I wanted to do it one take.  Fighting off mosquitoes out for blood, I set up the tripod, plugged in the trigger, pointed the camera at a group of fireflies, and then left. I listened to some Sia, read an article, messaged some friends, and killed many mosquitoes while the shutter was left open.   Instead of waiting for the image to process, I took a gamble and walked home. My hands were spotted with mosquito bites and I longed for a shower.  Next stop, the casino since this gamble turned out amazing!

Canon t4i    135mm    f/5.6    19minutes    ISO1600    Manual focus    Noise reduced with Topaz